Verum awarded €1M Innovation Credit from Dutch Government

The “Innovatiekrediet” is one of the primary instruments that the Dutch government uses to finance the development of new products and services with a strong business case. We are delighted to announce that Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO) has recently awarded Verum almost € 1M in Innovatiekrediet funding to support our development plans for next generation embedded software design and verification technology. This funding ensures that Verum will be able to execute its roadmap for the forthcoming years without any additional financial support.

The RVO’s motivation for awarding Verum funding is summarised by Martin Duits, Senior Investment Manager: “Verum focusses on markets where businesses are challenged to build increasingly large and complex embedded systems. Verum’s existing product, Dezyne, differentiates itself from its competitors because it provides a fully automated means to verify the behaviour of embedded software. This translates to lower development costs per line of delivered code, lower field costs due to decreased downtime and a shorter time to market. The development program that Verum has presented to the RVO will considerably increase the benefits delivered by Dezyne and will result in excellent global prospects for the company.”

Our CEO, Robert Howe, remarks, “In the last months, not only have we seen significant growth in the use of Dezyne but we have also added a range of new customers to our portfolio. On top of this, receiving Innovatiekrediet funding is a huge bonus that effectively puts Verum into a different league. We now have the resources and time that we need to take Dezyne to the next level.”

The “next level” in this case focuses on adding to Dezyne the unique ability to simply and easily formally verify and validate behavioural properties of entire embedded software systems. Consequently, Dezyne will become the premium tool for efficiently, effectively and economically engineering the next generation of safe, secure and resilient high-tech software systems. The first results of our program should be realized early next year when we will have integrated key technology from the Eindhoven University of Technology’s Department of Computer Science into Dezyne. During the course of 2018 and early 2019 we expect to release a whole range of new features based on RVO funded work, including system verification and validation.

On the 14th of September, at our Dezyne Community Meeting, we will start a process of consultation with users about the Dezyne roadmap and their requirements for the new features we have in mind. The Community Meeting is open to registered participants and we welcome attendance from anyone interested in learning more about Dezyne. For more information, please visit the Verum Website or contact us at

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