The new generation of software developers is here

We believe that the future of software development lies with the new generation so when we found out that one of the participants of the Dezyne Challenge 2018 was born just in the early 2000’s, we were thrilled. This young representative of the new generation developers is named Etienne and participated in the Challenge with his dad, Hans.

As we were curious to find out why he wanted to join a challenge that is a bit different than, let’s say, an average chess challenge, we got to ask him a couple of questions.

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A merge of two hobbies

Etienne is currently in his third year of pre-university education at the Eckart College in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. In his free time, he loves to do gymnastics, sailing and gaming. He’s part of an orchestra and likes everything that has to do with computers.

“My father and I wanted to merge two hobbies of mine: music and programming. That’s how we eventually ended up making a digital orchestra. That, however, wasn’t the first idea we came up with. We initially wanted to make a program that could check whether a chord would sound nice or not.”

Programming in Dezyne

Although he had some programming experience in C++, Etienne didn’t really know what to expect when using Dezyne.

“Once I knew the basics, I could work a bit faster. And so I learned a lot. Not only did I learn how to program in Dezyne and Python, but I also learned that letting different computers communicate with each other is a totally different programming experience than for example programming logic.”

And that was what their entry was all about: Hans and Etienne made a connection between two computers via the internet to let them play midi files simultaneously.

Spending time together

The most valuable thing about going through this process wasn’t all the lessons he learned, though.

“Since I normally have to study a lot and my dad works most of the days, I don’t get to spend a lot of time with my dad. Aside from doing things for math of course, but that is obviously not what I mean.. By participating in the Dezyne Challenge as a team, we have spent more time together.”

Research is key

Based on this whole experience, Etienne has a piece of advice for boys and girls who would like to participate in the Dezyne Challenge next year:

“I would say that whatever you do, you must research what you are doing. When you just rush into a problem and try random things it’s definitely not as efficient as to sit back and think more deeply how to solve the problem.”

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So you would participate again next year Etienne?

“For sure, I can’t wait! Oh and Verum, that drone I received is amazing, thank you so much!”

We’re happy to hear that Etienne, you are more than welcome.

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