Solar Team Eindhoven adopts Dezyne

Solar Team Eindhoven is determined to not only build the most practical solar car in the world but also to drive the use of solar energy to the next level through the use of smart innovation. The team’s predecessors won the challenge in 2013, 2015 and 2017, a feat that the 2019 team plans to repeat. Verum is delighted to have the opportunity to support Solar Team Eindhoven’s lofty ambitions by sponsoring the team’s software engineering activities with commercial Dezyne licences and technical support.

For over 30 years the phenomenal Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, a competition aimed at students the world over, has been at the forefront of driving innovation in solar-powered vehicles. Solar Team Eindhoven will again take part in the competition in October this year and is determined to improve on their predecessors’ winning performance, a tough task that will take months of hard work and smart thinking. Verum will give the team an extra edge in the competition by sharing its knowledge of and experience in embedded software systems engineering with the team and by providing them with its unique software toolset, Dezyne.

Next step towards a clean-energy future

Besides their ambition to outrun and outsmart the competition, the TU/e students want to contribute to solar energy development and the implementation of solar technology in our daily lives. To realise this ambition, they need to squeeze the maximum amount of energy out of the sun and convert it into motion by, amongst other things, designing highly effective and reliable embedded software in their car. Embedded software controls the power management system of the car and the control of the motor.

A first-time-right approach

Building software with Dezyne is a first-time-right approach that results in a dramatic reduction of costs in the overall software lifecycle. Dezyne speeds up the development of control software by 300%, shortens development time by 20% and reduces field defects by 99.99%.  By using Dezyne to build their control software, the Solar Team Eindhoven will be able to rapidly innovate in software while also eliminating unpredictable and undefined behaviour, thereby achieving an unprecedented level of software robustness and reliability. This is one of the reasons the team is so eager to work with the Verum’s Dezyne tooling.

The Solar team Eindhoven aspires a future where daily life is powered by the sun. The Verum team is proud to support these ambitious students in reaching their inspiring and motivating goal.

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