Smart charging electric cars

For the contribution to the Dezyne Challenge 2018, The Business Unit High Tech of ICT Group has developed a Smart Charging for electrical vehicles. Find out more about ICT team’s winning submission for the Dezyne Challenge 2018!

“The theme of this year’s Dezyne challenge was Concurrency and we decided to address a real life problem. Nowadays, electric cars become more and more famous but the main problem is the overloading of the charging length. So we came up with a solution for this problem through Smart Charger.”

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Dynamically dividing available electricity

When connected in a network, these smart chargers will dynamically divide the available electric power amongst them, whilst taking the overall demand into account. This way, the chargers are able to efficiently share the available power, while respecting the site’s limitations.

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The Project Results

Possible actions are for example charging at full power, scaling down to free up power for other chargers, or waiting till other chargers are finished. Check out the sample charger scenario’s and learn more about the architecture of the Smart Charger, the project results and the best practices.

Read the full example here!

Dezyne Challenge 2018 Winner

Smart Charging Electrical Cars

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