Increasing the power of verification

Increasing the power of verification

To keep pace with the demand for more powerful verification, Verum has completed the integration of a completely new, game changing verification engine into Dezyne..

Dezyne release notes

Fresh Release Notes Dezyne version 2.7.x

On the 3rd of May 2018 service 2.7.1 has been replaced with service 2.7.2 as Default. A recap of the most important fixes and improvements

The model checking capabilities of the mCRL2 tool set

The model checking capabilities of the mCRL2 tool set

In this award winning paper, we describe the Dezyne language and a model transformation to the mCRL2 language, providing users access to advanced model checking capabilities and refinement checks of the mCRL2 tool set.

Specification guidelines to avoid the state space explosion problem

Specification Guidelines to avoid the State Space Explosion Problem

During the last two decades we modelled the behaviour of a large number of systems. We noted that different styles of modelling had quite an effect on the size of the state spaces of the modelled system. In this article we summarise our experience by providing seven specification guidelines.

Embedded Software Design

The origin of Dezyne’s automatic verification technology – Analytical Software Design

This paper from 2007 describes “Analytical Software Design” (ASD), the origin of Dezyne’s verification technology. Although the techniques employed by Dezyne differ somewhat from ASD the verification principles upon which Dezyne is based are similar.