Verum Software Tools signs distribution agreement with ITEC to introduce Dezyne for model driven software engineering to Israel

*Press release* Eindhoven, Netherlands, Wednesday, 8 May 2019 — Verum Software Tools announced that it has entered into an agreement with ITEC, a leading embedded product distribution company based in Israel.

Under the terms of the agreement, ITEC will employ its sales, marketing and software expertise to distribute Verum’s Dezyne model driven analytical software engineering toolset in Israel.

The most efficient way to build verifiably correct software

“With Dezyne we are able to perform mathematical analyses of the entire behaviour of the design of a given software component, including all the behaviour that cannot be tested by conventional means.”, said Mauri Gottlieb, CEO ITEC. “This makes it possible to deliver executable software of the highest quality.”

Embedded and cyber-physical systems require strong foundations

“Israel is a market with a strong focus on the development of complex cyber-physical systems which require software that is safe and secure. With Dezyne we provide a unique solution that supports those requests.”, said Robert Howe, CEO Verum. “Verum’s Dezyne software engineering toolset provides a means to build these embedded and cyber-physical systems based on strong foundations. Using built-in, fully automated analytical techniques, the application of Dezyne results in software systems that are reliable, robust and resilient.”

Dezyne is widely used by European Market leaders to specify, design, validate, formally verify and automatically generate software for a wide range of embedded and cyber-physical systems.

About Verum Software Tools

Verum creates and sells software engineering tools for designing verifiably correct embedded software for cyber-physical systems. Our latest product, “Dezyne”, enables software engineers to create, explore and formally verify designs for embedded software systems of all types. It leads to generated code that is robust, reliable and resilient. The results, using Dezyne, include a 300% increase in development efficiency, a 99.99% decrease in customer reported defects and a 20% decrease in time to market.

Based in Waalre, The Netherlands, close to Eindhoven’s High Tech Campus, Verum has development centers in the Netherlands and Argentina. Our customers include leading high-tech multinational companies.

About ITEC

ITEC Ltd. is an Israeli leading supplier of solutions and services for a wide range of professional industries. For over 30 years, ITEC is at the forefront of Israel’s fast developing electronics industry, representing international leading manufacturers of software and hardware solutions. 

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