Menlopark® Technologies signs distribution agreement with Verum Software Tools to bring the most advanced model driven software engineering tool to the APAC region

*Press release* Eindhoven, Netherlands, Wednesday, 24 April 2019 — Menlopark®, a leading embedded product distribution company, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Verum Software Tools to become a distributor for the Netherlands-based premier provider products for model-driven software engineering.

Under the terms of the agreement, Menlopark® will employ its Sales, Marketing and Software expertise to distribute Verum’s Dezyne model driven analytical software engineering toolset. The distribution agreement includes all geographies in Asia and Australia.

The most efficient way to build verifiably correct software

“Model Driven Engineering (MDE) is a promising method to address the rapidly increasing complexity of software platforms and the inability of conventional software engineering methods to address this complexity. The adoption of Model Driven Engineering based on the use of analytical technologies has been shown to result in a reduction of 99.9% customer reported defects and a 300% increase in software engineering efficiency. The world’s leading analytical MDE tool is “Dezyne” from our partner Verum.

Dezyne is widely used by European Market leaders to specify, design, validate, formally verify and automatically generate software for a wide range of embedded and cyber-physical systems. It provides software engineers with the ability to rapidly deliver complete, correct and consistent software systems.”, said Mr.Krishna Navuluri, Chief Operating Officer, at Menlopark®.

A sophisticated and complete software portfolio

“Verum’s Dezyne toolset will strengthen Menlopark’s overall Software portfolio, giving our customers access to the broadest range of Qualified and Certifiable Software Development Solutions on the market”, according to the COO. Menlopark® offers a complete portfolio of products and solutions that enable Embedded Product Development: Embedded Hardware Systems, Model Driven Design Tools, RTOS/OS, Compiler, Debuggers, Middleware Stacks and Hardware, and Software Testing tools.

Embedded and cyber-physical systems require strong foundations

“The market for embedded and cyber-physical systems will grow at a tremendous rate the coming years, while the value of software in these systems will increase significantly”, said Robert Howe, CEO Verum. “Verum’s Dezyne software engineering toolset provides a means to build these embedded and cyber-physical systems based on strong foundations. Using built-in, fully automated analytical techniques, the application of Dezyne results in software systems that are reliable, robust and resilient.”

“The APAC region accommodates key players in this arena and the cooperation with Menlopark allows Verum to reach out to them with Dezyne and support them to build complete, correct and consistent software.”

About Verum Software Tools

Verum creates and sells software engineering tools for designing verifiably correct embedded software for cyber-physical systems. Our latest product, “Dezyne”, enables software engineers to create, explore and formally verify designs for embedded software systems of all types. It leads to generated code that is robust, reliable and resilient. The results, using Dezyne, include a 300% increase in development efficiency, a 99.99% decrease in customer reported defects and a 20% decrease in time to market.

Based in Waalre, The Netherlands, close to Eindhoven’s High Tech Campus, Verum has development activities in the Netherlands and Argentina. Our customers include leading high-tech multinational companies.

About Menlopark®

Menlopark®, a leading Embedded Product Distribution company, operates across Aerospace, Automotive, and Industrial Verticals. Around 53 employees work to make a positive difference to millions of people’s lives every day by helping our valued customers in creating more intelligent and connected Devices which enables safe, secured and sustainable ways to live. From Embedded Hardware Systems, Model-Driven Design Tools, RTOS/OS, Compiler, Debuggers, Middleware Stacks, Hardware and Software Testing tools, Menlopark Team with strong Technical Competence devised unique ways to treat the most challenging Development issues by enabling the intelligence of devices – Menlopark Technologies is everywhere.

Embedded Product Engineering and responsible Entrepreneurship have been key to Menlopark’s Technological and Customer Satisfaction advances. This is how Menlopark Technologies as part of ESDS Group has thrived since its founding in 1994. We are customer-focused, flexible & easy to do business with. All of our Sales staff have face-to-face contact with their customers which includes OEMs, Tier1’s and System Integrators in Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial and Medical Space.

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