Industrial Systems

The operation and behaviour of industrial and manufacturing systems of all types can be designed and built with Dezyne. Applications include controlling the normal operation, cyclic behaviour and workflow of any machine, but also extend to initialisation and shutdown, error handling and recovery, and all other kinds of behaviour.

Case Studies

Developing reliable software for an advanced packaging production machine

Kulicke & Soffa recently introduced the Liteq 500 System, a new lithographic advanced packaging production system. This case is special because it clearly attests to the benefits that Model Driven Software Engineering based on automated formal methods. Learn what results they achieved in this case study.


The power unleashed outperforming ASD with Dezyne

Sioux, an innovative technology partner in the development and production of technical products and solutions, has over 8 years of experience of applying Verum’s tools to a wide range of software engineering projects. Learn how they increased velocity of developer and team in this case study.



Semi Conductors Manufactoring

industrial systems

Baggage handling

industrial systems

Building Management

industrial systems

Process Control

industrial systems

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