Agricultural Equipment

Dezyne is applicable to a wide range of agricultural applications, from the controlling the operation of a milking robot, through sorting fruit and vegetables to the control of greenhouses. Examples include the design and verification of user interactions and workflows, the control of processes and the implementation of reliable communication across sensor networks and distributed devices or actuators.

Case Studies

Application of Dezyne to Advanced Mechatronics

Moba, the world market leader in egg sorting and packing machines, has seen the amount of software in its products increase dramatically in recent years. Learn how they improved the quality of their software using Dezyne in this case study.


Evaluating a model-driven software engineering approach in agricultural robotics

Lely has evaluated Dezyne in the context of agricultural robotics. In particular, and it has been applied to a subsystem of a Lely milking robots. Learn how they increased their productivity in this case study.



Milking Robots

agricultural applications

Egg sorting and packaging

agricultural applications

Farming equipment

agricultural applications

Poultry Processing

agricultural applications

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