Making sense of components and interfaces with 3 essential tips

Keeping good overview of your events, components and interfaces will save you a lot of time and frustration. With some handy features in Dezyne you can easily navigate through your files. Zooming in and out at the right moment will also increase your overview. These 3 tips will increase your overview over your components and interfaces and make your job as an engineer easier.

Tip 1: Getting the directions of events in interfaces right

Confused by the direction of events in interfaces? It is important to realize that the in/out direction of an event in an interface is defined from the perspective of the component that provides this interface. For the component that requires this interface the direction must be mirrored hence for that component an in-event flows out of the component and an out-event flows into the component. A way to visualize this is to think in terms of a system diagram where an in-event flows from top to bottom and an out-event flows bottom-up.

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Tip 2: Easily navigating through large files

Are you dealing with a large file with multiple interfaces and components? The Eclipse editor has a handy feature to navigate through the file: Breadcrumbs. The editor breadcrumb navigation bar shows the element at the current caret position and all its parent elements. The Breadcrumb is embedded into the editor and shows at the top of the editor.

components and interfaces

Click on one of the triangles pointing to the right to see the contents. In fact Breadcrumbs can be used for more than just navigation, see the Eclipse help for more info.

Tip 3: Seeing all the components in your sequence view

Too many components and interfaces in your sequence view so you cannot see them all at the same time anymore? Click in the window and use CNTR-Minus to zoom out, use CNTR-Plus to zoom in. In fact this works on any window in Eclipse so you can scale any window to the zoom factor needed.

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With these tips your overview will increase, so you don’t have to get lost in your files with multiple interfaces and components. Do you have any tips for the usage of Dezyne? Please let us know and maybe you will be featured in our next tip-post!

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