Make coding easy with Dezyne: 3 tips


Anything that will make coding easy will make your job easier. Also, the automation of these tasks will reduce the chance of mistakes and errors. Dezyne has several options for you to use. For instance, do you already use Dezyne’s code completion options? Our intelligent code completion gives you context aware code completions options. These 3 tips will make coding easy by fully using all Dezyne’s options.

Tip 1: Make coding easy with code completion

Eclipse has some nice code completion features which are now exploited to their full extent in Dezyne. While typing in the Eclipse editor press CNTR-Space to activate code completion. You will get a dropdown list of context aware options. This also activates templates in Dezyne, e.g. using this on a keyword like ‘component’ allows you to include a parameterized template of a component definition in one selection.

making coding easier with code completion

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Tip 2: Automating tasks with DZN command line

Do you want to automate some tasks that you now do interactively? All actions that result in commands sent to our servers are displayed in the console window. You can capture those commands in scripts and execute these from a DZN command line. Type “dzn –h” in the console to get an overview of all possible commands. Click here to see how to install and use a DZN command line.

Tip 3: Integrating Dezyne code with your native code

Are you starting to integrate the code generated by Dezyne with your own native code? You will always need a main program. Dezyne can create a prototype main for you automatically in the language of your choice by a special command in the console. Type “dzn code –m ” to generate a main for the identified model. See all the options of the code command by typing “dzn code –h”.

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These tips will help you integrating and generating code, as well as automating some tasks you might now do interactively. Do you have any tips for the usage of Dezyne? Please let us know and maybe you will be featured in our next tip-post!

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