IoT Home Automation

Closing your curtains and switching the lights on when the sun is down. A water sprinkler system, controlled by time intervals as specified by user. Everything monitored of gas, water and electricity usage and production: the ultimate internet of things in your house. Terry Dennemans’ submission for the Dezyne Challenge of 2018 is a Home Automation system, which contains two sub systems: the control system and the monitoring system. These systems are two separate parallel running systems, each with their own internal processes running in parallel to do their tasks.

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Time mechanism

The home control system is used to (de)activate devices connected to relays output. The outputs are triggered by time and/or events because of switches being opened or closed when doors (or curtain) open or close. The monitoring system is designed around the timing mechanism implemented in the electricity and gas system. The gas and electricity meter will output a new status overview every few seconds.

Terry: “What I like a lot when using Dezyne is that creating and verifying the models gives you different views on the actual problem that you want to solve. The simulation feature in Dezyne also is a very handy tool to try actual real life scenarios and make sure it covers all use cases that the system was meant to implement.”

Automatic alerts

The system uses both an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi alongside a various sensors to monitor the house. You can set up the system to send you alerts when something happens or just monitor everything from your phone.

Terry: “I would recommend everyone to try out Dezyne and see what you can get from it. Although you think you can manage without, you probably will be surprised of the things you will get back from it.”

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Interested to learn how Terry used Dezyne to make the creation of the IoT Home Automation possible? Read the full story here.

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