Dezyne covers the basis for small but verifiably correct IoT applications

Dezyne IDE now offers integrated support for Arduino as the basis for small but verifiably correct IoT applications. From within the Dezyne Eclipse IDE you can download and install the Arduino plugin. For those not yet familiar with Arduino, they offer microcontroller kits for building systems that interact with the physical world. In other words, it provides the hardware for your own IoT projects. Since Dezyne is now integrated with Arduino, it’s easy to verify your code and have your projects run flawlessly.

About Arduino

Arduino controller kits let you design and create smart and creative objects. These objects will interact with their environment through sensors and other measuring devices. The output can for instance be turning lights on or off, starting an engine or simply turning on the thermostat. Programs for Arduino can be written in any programming language that produces binary machine code for the target processor. Arduino had its own Arduino integrated development environment (IDE) supporting C and C++. A program written in the environment is called a sketch and consists of a minimum of two functions: a setup and a loop.

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Using the Arduino plugin

You can now generate code from Dezyne into an Arduino project and those files will automatically be incorporated in the Arduino project structure. With the Arduino plugin you can compile and upload to your Arduino Hardware. Also the serial output from Arduino can be reviewed in the IDE. Compared to the traditional Windows Arduino IDE it is much easier to split your project into multiple files with Dezyne and hence offers a by far superior user experience.

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The advantages of coding with Dezyne

Typically you write small, essentially stateless, drivers in C or C++ and do all the control logic in Dezyne. The code generated from Dezyne integrates easily with these drivers. The complexity of event driven software is easier to understand, develop and maintain with the advanced functionality of Dezyne like navigation, simulation and verification.

For more detailed info on Dezyne Arduino support and some practical tips check out

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