Explore what software innovation could do for HG Ulfima

HG Ulfima is one of the five business units of Hotraco Group and is specialized in filtration systems that filter out legionella bacteria from tap water. These systems have sensors and actuators to regulate the water flow, clean the filters and test the filters. HG Ulfima is characterized by their highly advanced technical solutions that are practical and socially responsible.

What your working environment looks like

At the HG Ulfima headquarters in Horst you work on current software projects together with the HG Ulfima’s software development team that consists of three helpful members. The difference between you and them is that you develop the software by using the latest tool for model-driven software engineering; Verum’s Dezyne. You work in an agile team, which means that your progress and your findings are shared on a regular basis. Verum is going to provide training and will give you all the help needed to get yourself familiarized and comfortable with the Dezyne tooling. In addition to this, you are able to test your new software skills with the hardware of HG Ulfima.

The goal of the project

You evaluate what the added value of Dezyne is, or could be, for the Hotraco Group. The research question, in essence, is: What does Dezyne bring to the table for the (future) software development processes of software embedded products for Hotraco Group? Your research is valuable as it potentially gives us insights into all kinds of undiscovered opportunities. Besides investigating the opportunities, it is important to analyse whether Dezyne is the right tool for Hotraco group in the first place.

What you get out of it

This internship is an excellent opportunity to gain cutting edge software knowledge and to get updated on all the relevant software developments and trends out there. Also, it is a perfect chance to get your hands on the Dezyne tooling. Dezyne builds on years of research and development and opens the door for safe and secure smart systems. Last but not least, internships at Verum are praised for their innovative character. We are open for your input and we like to think along with you and your interests. What motivates you? What gives you a lot of energy?

What we expect from you

o   You are able to see the bigger picture and filter out long term benefits that flow from introducing innovative tooling in the software development process

o   You like to experiment and you are driven by curiosity and a need for optimization

o   You are able to communicate your point of view in a well-founded way


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