Experience the power of model-based software development

Model Driven Development has been around for a while but is finally being picked up by industry and growing fast. Join the rapidly growing group who uses model-driven software tools to develop verifiably complete and correct embedded software systems. Discover why Dezyne is 3 – 5 times more efficient than coding.

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Verifiably correct embedded software systems

Dezyne is Verum’s new generation of model-driven software engineering tools that enables software engineers to create, explore and formally verify designs for state based, event driven or concurrent software systems. It leads to generated code that is robust, reliable and trustworthy.

Dezyne is integrated into the Eclipse IDE and linked to powerful cloud-based simulation, verification and code generation engines. Within the IDE, Dezyne provides a range of graphical views of models, (sub) systems and sequence traces that support the software engineer’s ‘mental model’ of his design and allows other stakeholders to understand the engineer’s work.

Automated formal verification

Based on a powerful, open modelling language, Dezyne gives software engineers the ability to fully explore their designs using advanced simulation techniques. Automated formal verification discovers hidden defects that are otherwise practically impossible to find. Efficient code generation instantly turns verified models into executable results.

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Experience the power of model-based software development yourself and come to one of our free workshops. Discover how Dezyne can help you develop complete and correct software by providing graphical views of models, advanced simulation techniques, automated formal verification and efficient code generation. Get hands on with Dezyne during the workshop and at the end take away a free version for your personal use.

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