As you might know, we love to see how users of the Dezyne toolset explore it to discover it’s possibilities. One of the software engineers from ICT has built a distributed controller across various Raspberry Pis to replace the LEGO MINDSTORMS controller bricks.

A LEGO MINDSTORMS model was used as a live demonstrator of results achieved with the Dezyne modelling tool. This is a model of a wafer stepper composed of a feeder robot, a 2d stage and a material handling robot. The control software is mainly written with the Dezyne tool. It interfaces with the motors and sensors through USB connection with four MINDSTORMS controller bricks.

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Subsystem of Lego Mindstorm Model


This project is carried out in several steps. The first step is to analyze the existing design of LEGO MINDSTORM models to support the distributed multiprocessor design. The second step is to find an appropriate way to control the Lego motors and sensors using Raspberry Pi. The next step is to find the appropriate communication protocol to support multi-processing. The final step is to integrate the Zeromq communication protocol into the Lego subsystem.

Each subsystem is modelled in Dezyne and is proven to be correct. Each of the subsystems now has a dedicated controller and use an inter-process Zeromq communication mechanism to interact with other subsystems. The total system is now integrated into the LEGO system.

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Example available for Dezyne users

Dezyne users can see the example of this project in the toolset.  Go to: Dezyne File->New->Dezyne Example Project. Then choose ‘Lego Ball Sorter’. Others can find the example here. Ready to go? You can download the MINDSTORMS software right here. We are looking forward to hearing your Dezyne & LEGO MINDSTORMS success stories!

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