Dezyne Challenge Winners

From a game through to a model railway controller, Verum’s Dezyne Challenge attracted a wide range of excellent entries. Running for two months over the Christmas period, the Dezyne Challenge required participants to develop a small, illustrative example of the use of Dezyne and to provide Verum with ideas on how Dezyne could be made easier and more fun to use. On offer for the author of the best example and the participant who provided us with the most feedback on Dezyne, a 3D Printer each. Every entrant also received a Raspberry PI starter kit.

Nine enterprising engineers rose to the occasion, constructing and submitting to us some very cool Dezyne projects,
including a Zwave Controller and Wafer Measurement system.
During February, the Verum team reviewed each entry in detail along with each entrant’s list of ideas for improving Dezyne. Deciding the winners turned out to be fiendishly difficult due to the high standard of the projects. After much deliberation, we reached a conclusion and held a Winners Party at the Verum office to celebrate.

The winner of the best Dezyne example was Hans Kuppens with his “Dezyne in the Pocket” game. The winner for the prize for the most valuable feedback was Terry Dennemans, with more than 25 excellent ideas for improving Dezyne, most of which have already been absorbed into Verum’s development roadmap.

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In the coming weeks, we will publish each of the projects on the Verum website for reference and enlightenment. Clearly, the Dezyne Challenge was a great success that we plan to repeat at the end of this year.

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