Dezyne Challenge 2018 Winners

Based on a powerful, open modelling language, Dezyne gives software engineers the ability to construct software components that implement any kind of behaviour within an application. As we are continuously looking for fresh ways to use our product, we started the Dezyne Challenge a couple of years ago. So, what is the Dezyne Challenge about?

The Challenge

This year we asked the participants to develop a small, illustrative example of the use of Dezyne and to provide us with ideas on how Dezyne could be made easier and more compelling to use. The theme: Concurrency and/or IoT. This resulted in 7 completed entries.

Every participant who completed the Dezyne Challenge received an extensive Arduino Robot Car development kit. On offer to the winners of the most complete and illustrative Dezyne example and the best feedback about using Dezyne, a DJI Spark drone each.

And the winners are…

The winner of the most complete and illustrative Dezyne example is The Business Unit High Tech of ICT Group with their electric vehicles “Smart Charger“. The winner for the prize for the most valuable feedback is Martin Keesen, with more than 50 excellent ideas for improving Dezyne, most of which have already been implemented into Verum’s development roadmap. The runner-up is the father and son, Hans and Etienne Kuppens.

Curious to find out what else is possible? Browse through all Dezyne Examples here!

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