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IoT Home Automation made easy

Closing your curtains and switching the lights on when the sun is down. Everything monitored of gas, water and electricity usage and production: the ultimate internet of things in your house.

The new generation of software developers is here

We believe that the future of software development lies with the new generation so when we found out that one of the participants of the Dezyne Challenge 2018 was born just in the early 2000’s, we were thrilled. This young representative of the new generation developers is named Etienne and participated in the Challenge with his dad, Hans.

Dezyne digital orchestra

Hans and Etienne Kuppens are father and son and they love making music together. For their Dezyne Challenge 2017 they came up with an idea to create a Digital Orchestra.

Smart charging electric cars

For the contribution to the Dezyne Challenge 2018, The Business Unit High Tech of ICT Group has developed a smart charger for electrical vehicles. Find out more about ICT team’s winning submission for the Dezyne Challenge 2018!

Dezyne Challenge Winners 2018

This year we asked the participants of the Dezyne Challenge to develop a small, illustrative example of the use of Dezyne and to provide us with ideas on how Dezyne could be made easier and more compelling to use. Learn more about the Challenge!