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By using Verum Dezyne in the Model Driven Software Development (MDSD) process, Sioux supports high-tech OEMs in rapidly creating high-quality software of predictable quality. Next to that, we are accelerating, improving and making the development of systems flexible within multidisciplinary engineering processes. This increases the productivity of customers and the quality of their products.

Increasingly advanced modules, systems and machines do what they do thanks to their software stacks: User interfaces, apps, application and embedded software. Increased and more complex software is needed to ensure their functionality and performance. In order to get the most out of the market, high tech OEMs need to develop and introduce new products with the right feature set and quality faster and faster, at the best possible cost.

By integrating MDSD into multidisciplinary engineering of complete systems, Sioux offers benefits that boost the software domain. We accelerate development processes, reduce error margins and costs, make the engineering life cycle flexible and shift technological boundaries. Furthermore, we introduce a new working method to clients. For example, repetitive work will be automated, faster alternative solutions are being investigated, and scenarios will be tested that are usually not possible due to the hard-changing character of software code.

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