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Logic Technology is the logical choice! As Europe’s market leader, we provide companies that develop high-tech electronics with tools and software that increases the productivity of the developers as well as the quality of their output, allowing them to focus on what is really important: The creation of great products!

Your partner in development

We are your partner for end-to-end solutions in the field of embedded software, development, test and certification tools. Through many years of experience we have developed a wide-ranging spectrum of expertise and best-of-breed selection of high-performance products. We always come up with the right answer to your question: There’s always a Logic solution!

From the very start of our company in 1993, Logic Technology has acquired a substantial amount of knowledge and experience as a professional partner in the development of innovative products and concepts. Our company currently sets the tone in the dynamic embedded design, test and certification market in Europe. By carefully managing our continual high-paced growth and development, we are able to remain close to the customer. Our offices in the Netherlands and Germany with their local team of expert engineers and customer-oriented front and back office support staff are fundamental to this success. We speak your language!

Unique combination

Logic Technology’s strength lies in our unique combination of staff, products and services. Our engineers are on top of the latest developments in the embedded market and have extensive experience with state-of-the-art technologies. It is their mission and mandate to provide you with first class advice and the necessary follow-up. After a quick but thorough analysis of the problem, they come up with the right combination of products, technical support, complementary advice and services or a custom training program. Quick and to the point!

Cooperation with top suppliers

Logic Technology cooperates with a number of carefully selected and renown embedded software and tool specialists. This means you will always have a range of reliable, top products within reach. Our portfolio includes leading manufacturers who make major contributions to industry-recognized special interest groups and standardization committees. Several of them cooperate directly with major semiconductor manufacturers on next generation IP for their silicon. Logic Technology is your choice for the absolute highest levels of quality, sustainability and reliability. A lasting relationship!

Expert sparring partner

With Logic Technology you take on board a fund of forceful thinking. From the obvious challenges in the concept phase, the unexplainable bugs in the design, until the pain staking test and certification cycle and start of production, we are your professional sparring partner! We save you valuable time, risks and resources by providing sound advice on the right tools and software. With our help you will save on time to market and increase the return on investment. In this way Logic Technology makes a quantifiable contribution to your successful development from the very beginning.

For a good start!


Logic Technology continually invests in innovation and new solutions. Working in close cooperation with our suppliers, we act on signals from the market to come up with product alterations or new tools and software. A number of leading chip manufacturers have intentionally chosen Logic Technology as a partner in their solution-oriented ecosystem for precise this reason. Our deep understanding of their innovative technologies and roadmaps means we can offer you the matching tools and software at the right moment. This results in a customized, state-of-the-art, solution that fulfills your specific project requirements. Always one step ahead!


In the dynamic environment in which Logic Technology operates, one factor remains constant: customer satisfaction! We respond promptly to all your technical questions and are your partner from the initial consultation right through to the end of your project. Our experienced team of professionals always goes the extra mile in working together with you to solve even the most complex challenges.

Success guaranteed!

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