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ICT Group is establishing itself as a specialist in the relatively novel field of Model Driven Engineering, having already partnered with some of the leading names in the field, including Verum Software Tools. We are also running pilot projects at large companies where we are using Model Driven Engineering as a new tool.

We are training our people in this new software methodology, as this allows us to use our skills and expertise to provide advice and support to other companies. We are also offering in-house training in Model Driven Engineering to anyone interested.

If you would like more information about Model Driven Engineering and are interested in learning how it could benefit your business, please feel free to contact us. As our company motto should tell you, there's nothing we love more than a good challenge!

Start increasing your software productivity: Model Driven Technologies, The State Pattern, and Dezyne

Interesting whitepaper from our partner ICT Group to show a systematic approach to introduce Dezyne generated code in a state driven component built using the State Pattern. This first step towards the new standard in Software Engineering is relatively easy and brings about many benefits, including, increase in code readability, state charts visualisation, synchronisation of documentation with code, and error-free code generation.

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Smooth adoption of Verum's Dezyne to model software for a service tool

Dezyne is primarily used for designing complex software systems. Due to its built-in formal verification capability, Dezyne is especially suited for safety critical systems used in aerospace, automotive, chip manufacturing and the medical industry. Companies using Dezyne have reduced their time to market by 20%, while reducing software bugs by 25% and costs by 50%. Dezyne is one of the Model Driven Engineering toolsets ICT Group works with, reshaping traditional approaches of software design. Using today's technology we educate tomorrow's software engineers.

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