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Fontys is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands and offers a variety of bachelors and masters programmes in English. We have a larger number of international students than any other university in the Netherlands, with students of more than 80 nationalities from all over the world.

The name Fontys was given to this University of Applied Sciences on 1 September 1996. The name derives from the Latin word ‘fons’ which means ‘source’, a source of knowledge for students. Fontys is a merger of several Dutch Higher Education Institutes located in the south of the Netherlands. Some of these institutes were founded in the early 1900s and have a long and profound educational history.

What we offer

Fontys offers 29 international Bachelors and Masters programmes in English covering a wide range of fields: ICT, Engineering, Fine and Performance Arts, Marketing, Business, Communication and Physiotherapy. We also welcome a large number of International students to join one of our 50 English-taught exchange programmes.

Our programmes are very diverse: a mix of theory, application of knowledge, internships and graduation assignments. One part of our programmes is the minor. which gives students the opportunity to broaden or deepen their knowledge. This is possible at Fontys, at another Dutch Higher Education Institute or abroad at one of our many International partner universities.

Contact information
Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Rachelsmolen 1,
5612 MA Eindhoven
Postbus 347, 5600 AH

T. +31(0)8850 80000