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A commonly acknowledged challenge in the high-tech systems industry is increasing complexity of the products and the control software. The industry asks for skilled professionals to develop solutions to tackle this challenge.

Freelance professional Michael van de Ven of FTR ICT provides the solutions with his broad experience in solving complex cases with techniques such formal engineering, model-driven software development and multidisciplinary control architecture engineering. Michael has over 20 years of experience in developing software-controlled systems. He worked in various projects of renowned companies in the high-tech systems industry and successfully used the tools from Verum. Projects such as: wafer steppers, wafer scanner, transmission electron microscopes and a pathology slide scanner.

Michael is a proponent of co-creation where everyone’s needs, expectations and talents are brought together. The main goal is to reach a win-win situation and co-creation is a key element to make projects successful and people happy.

FTR ICT / Michael van de Ven provides the following services: technical software development, consultancy and coaching.

An article of mine: “ASD/Dezyne maakt de Tell Sell-belofte waar: deze softwaretechnologie is amazing!” at

Contact information

Michael van de Ven
Hurksestraat 60
5652 AL Eindhoven
The Netherlands

T +31 6 53 272 272