Announcement: Verum releases the Dezyne Programming Language as FOSS (Free and Open Source Software)

Eindhoven, The Netherlands - 7 December 2021 - Verum Software Tools B.V. is announcing the FOSS release of Dezyne under the Affero GNU Public License version 3. Dezyne is a programming language used to specify, validate, verify, simulate, document and implement concurrent control software for embedded and cyber-physical systems.

Dezyne incorporates both model-based as well as component-based development. It enables an incremental and collaborative approach to complex system development by using a novel way of design by contract. The Dezyne language allows defining not just the structure, but equally well the behavior of a software system using a familiar C like syntax. Its rigorous notation allows automatically creating abstract and detailed diagrams consistent with both the structure and the behavior.

Dezyne is a programming language with formal semantics expressed in mCRL2 developed at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Eindhoven University of Technology. Dezyne demands that every component is finite (bounded, constrained), deterministic, and free of deadlocks, livelocks and interface contract violations by means of the language itself as well as the built-in verification. It thereby allows the construction of complex systems simply by assembling the independently verified components.

Dezyne FOSS is the core implementation of the Dezyne language, which is part of the commercial products offered and supported by Verum. The language core offers an implementation to specify, validate, verify and implement Dezyne programs by means of simulation, verification, documentation and code generation. More information on Dezyne FOSS can be found at:

Rutger van Beusekom, Verum’s CTO says: "We are sharing the Dezyne language, convinced that it will benefit many users. Not just in creating trustworthy systems affordably but also to enable the future inception of currently unimaginable applications. We believe that by releasing the Dezyne language implementation as free software is not just a commitment to its longevity, it will allow the underlying ideas to thrive and continue to mature.".


Verum, the organization behind the Dezyne language, is committed to continuing to invest in the language for the benefit of all its users. Verum assists its customers and partners in solving the software challenges of today and tomorrow, by offering expert consultancy on the application of the Dezyne language and the development and use of its tools, as well as on Verum’s commercial tools like IDE support based on the LSP (Language Server Protocol), interactive integrated graphics, interactive simulation, (custom) code generation and (custom) runtime library support.


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