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Dezyne Open-Source Available on Savannah

A couple of months back Dezyne FOSS (Free and Open-Source Software), the core programming language, has been admitted...

Fast Prototyping with Digital Twinning an Dezyne

Verum and Prespective researched ways to combine their respective technologies, and improve the way engineers design ...

Smart Coding Dezyne, AI And Gofai

Dezyne is much more than a just another tool or programming language. With Dezyne clever features are added that supp...

Verum Dezyne Release 2.15

To be able to bring out Verum Dezyne Release 2.15, Verum processed a tremendous amount of user feedback, for which we...

Verum Dezyne Release 2.16

Verum is happy to announce Dezyne release 2.16 which introduces the defer keyword: a new language concept for impleme...