Verum Dezyne

A power language
Verum Dezyne
First Time Right
Validation and automated mathematical verification of complex software designs delivers predictable, reliable and robust results.
Faster results
Rapidly show that specifications and designs are complete, correct and consistent. Generate code directly from models.
Reduce cost of defects
Find and prevent complex design defects early in the development life cycle. Reduce rework and testing, and decrease the occurrence of field defects.
Key stakeholders
Enable continuous involvement of key stakeholders. Interfaces are first-order citizens in Dezyne. Interfaces unambiguously specify the behavior of the software system context. Simulation enables interface validation by non-software stakeholders (such as user experience designers) and software suppliers untrained in Dezyne.
Architectural compliance
Align architecture and implementation. Dezyne is both an architectural specification language and a software implementation language. Architects and programmers use the same language and the implementation inherently complies with the architectural design.
Architectural evolution
Your architecture matures during implementation. Dezyne formal verification ensures trustworthy system behavior after architectural changes. While the system is being implemented the architecture evolves accordingly in a guided modus.
Continuous alignment of implementation and architecture. Dezyne is both an architectural specification language and a software implementation language. Architects and programmers use the same language and the implementation inherently specifies the architectural design. Programmers correct the architecture during development.
Dry – Don’t repeat yourself
Create & don’t repeat yourself: get rid of repetitive tasks. Most of the unit testing is taken care of automatically by the Dezyne formal verification. Spend more time creating functionality rather than creating a test infrastructure which obstructs change.
Create, no repairs
Let computing power do what it is good at: precise and repetition processing. Humans excel at creation: build what works. Humans find it hard and depressing to imagine how things might fail. Dezyne automates formal verification to let the computer take care of the tough and repetitive work.

About Verum

A leading developer of software design tools to create, simulate, mathematically verify and automatically generate code for embedded and cyber-physical systems.

At Verum, we help our customers and partners solve the most challenging software issues of today and tomorrow. We support customers with our product Dezyne, a software engineering toolset that enables engineers to specify, design, validate and formally verify software components for embedded systems combined with consultancy services.

Dezyne Language

Dezyne is an open, C-like language for developing complex embedded software. It uses a "Design by Contract" approach, serving as an intermediary between formal models and target source code. Dezyne's building blocks are interfaces and components, enabling the creation of complex systems through composition. Its interactions are visualized as state diagrams, allowing for easier control flow analysis.

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