Engineering great software is getting tougher.

Complexity is rising, as is the need for reliability.

Good engineers are scarce and time even scarcer

How are you going to deal with this challenge?

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Software design tools

Why Dezyne software design tools?

The race to develop the next generation of increasingly sophisticated software systems is pushing conventional software engineering practices beyond their limits. Software engineers are being asked to realise systems that are increasingly both complex and reliable, connected and secure, flexible and robust, safe and yet affordable. Dezyne software design tools provides solutions to these problems.

How does Dezyne help?

Dezyne is a new breed of model-driven software engineering tools (software design tools) that enable software engineers to create, explore and formally verify component based designs for embedded and technical software systems. It leads to generated code that is robust, reliable and trustworthy. The results include a 50% reduction in development costs, 20% decrease in time to market and a 25% reduction in the cost of field defects.

What does Dezyne do?

Based on a powerful, open modelling language, Dezyne gives software engineers the ability to construct software components that implement any kind of behaviour within an application. Graphical views of models enable engineers to easily navigate, communicate and document their architectures and designs. Advanced simulation features provide engineers with the means to fully explore and validate their designs, no execution necessary. Automated formal verification discovers hidden defects that are otherwise practically impossible to find. Efficient code generation instantly turns verified models into executable code.

What is unique about Dezyne?

Dezyne provides the power of rigorous, formal verification technology in a form that is easy to use, applicable to a wide range of general software challenges and scalable across entire systems and organisations. It provides solutions for: building verifiably complete and correct software components; understanding the architecture and design of sophisticated embedded or technical software systems; communicating, reviewing and documentation the behaviour of software components and (sub) systems; ensuring the ongoing, long term integrity, reusability and maintainability of software assets.

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  • 50% reduction in development costs

  • 25% reduction in the cost of field defects

  • 20% decrease in time-to-market

  • Improves overall software development predictability

  • Increases software reusability

  • Delivers reliable, robust and trustworthy code

“Our conclusion is that across the projects that we have done, over the full development cycle, we save about 35% of cost. But also in the maintenance phase we see less and less problems. We see an increased productivity. We see increased quality. And our projects are more predictable.

Ron WillemsDirector, Sioux Embedded Systems BV

“Over the last decade high tech systems have become more powerful, but also increasingly complex from software point of view. Sioux excels in engineering control systems by mastering and applying technologies like Verum’s model-driven software engineering tools. For more than 5 years these tools have boosted our ability to create defect free software. It is absolutely true that there is an increased productivity, resulting in reduced development and maintenance costs and therefore more room for adding customer value”

Michaël van de VenSoftware Technology Specialist, Sioux Embedded Systems BV

“FEI designs, manufactures, and supports the broadest range of high-performance microscopy workflows that provide images and answers in the micro-, nano-, and picometer scales. For over 5 years we have been working with the first generation of Verum’s model-driven software engineering tools. Their fully integrated design, verification and code generation toolset has delivered major benefits for FEI in terms of finding errors early and delivering better software at a lower cost. We have been involved in the development of the second generation of their tools and we expect that the new modelling language will minimise the overhead we have encountered so far in terms of learning curve and system integration issues.”

Martijn KabelR&D SW Manager, FEI Company