Verum Dezyne

A power language
Verum Dezyne

Rich tools to support the development
of complex embedded software

Create software that is
proven to be trusted.
Reduces the cost and time
of software development.
Easy handling of
safety-critical requirements.

About Verum

A leading developer of software design tools to create, simulate, mathematically verify and automatically generate code for embedded and cyber-physical systems.

We support software engineers with toolsets and solutions that create defect-free software, fast and reliable. We make applying formal methods trivial, in our tools the verification works the for the engineer the same way as a grammar checker in a word processor.

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Verum Dezyne Features

Dezyne Language

Dezyne is an open, C-like language for developing complex embedded software. It uses a "Design by Contract" approach, serving as an intermediary between formal models and target source code. Dezyne's building blocks are interfaces and components, enabling the creation of complex systems through composition. Its interactions are visualized as state diagrams, allowing for easier control flow analysis.

Dezyne Model

Dezyne supports portability and compatibility. Dezyne code can be deployed in complex, large-scale, safety-critical control systems, as well as in industrial PLCs, web application and even on small chips such as the ESP32 for home applications:

Validation and Exploration

Verum Dezyne offers graphical tools to validate and test the structure of the system and its specification and behavior. The Sequence Diagram lets users simulate the system, inspect variables, events and responses. The State Diagram explores every possible system state and its contributing factors. Dezyne's batch mode is compatible with modern CI/CD toolchains, enabling seamless testing and validation.