ASD:Suite© Engineering Tools For Software Controlled Systems 

The Clear Advantage Over Conventional Methods

Put the power of formal methods to work for you without extra cost or complications. The ASD:Suite is a unique software design platform for teams that build complex, embedded software. It replaces the tedium of traditional design and test processes with rapid design, formal verification and automatic generation of defect-free code.

 The benefits are clear:

  • Rapid Development Time. Complete component designs early in the project life cycle and easily modified them for new requirements or design insights
  • Lower Costs. Errors are eliminated early in the process, eliminating costly rework and testing delays.
  • Higher Quality. Design integrity is formally verified throughout the entire development process, eliminating code defects and lowering product maintenance costs.
                                     Model-Driven Design                                Component-Based Design


                                   Analytical Verification                             Defect-free Code Generation