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About Dezyne

Dezyne is a new generation of model-driven software engineering tools that enables software engineers to create, explore and verify designs for software-controlled systems, leading to generated code that is robust, reliable and trustworthy.

Based on a powerful, open modelling language, Dezyne gives software engineers the ability to fully explore their designs using advanced simulation techniques. Automated formal verification discovers hidden defects that are otherwise practically impossible to find. Efficient code generation instantly turns verified models into executable results.

Dezyne is integrated into the Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio IDEs and linked to powerful cloud-based simulation, verification and code generation engines. Within the IDE, Dezyne provides engineers with an unparalleled, interactive view of the structure and behaviour of their designs.

Freed from the constraints of conventional development methods, software engineers are able to focus on rapidly creating innovative software-controlled systems. The result is software that you can trust, based on evidence.

The benefits

  • Rapidly construct sophisticated control systems
  • Focus on your creativity while Dezyne manages your changes
  • Reason about your designs, no execution necessary
  • Uncover hidden defects, fully automatically
  • Work with a powerful language in an accustomed environment
  • Spend less time compiling, building and testing
  • Enjoy delivering code that you know is solid
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Robert Howe
Tel: +31402359090 Robert Howe
  • ReviewReview
    Michael van de Ven, Software Technology Specialist, Sioux Embedded Systems BV

    “Over the last decade high tech systems have become more powerful, but also increasingly complex from software point of view. Sioux excels in engineering control systems by mastering and applying technologies like Verum’s model-driven software engineering tools. For more than 5 years these tools have boosted our ability to create defect free software. It is absolutely true that there is an increased productivity, resulting in reduced development and maintenance costs and therefore more room for adding customer value”

    Michael van de Ven, Software Technology Specialist, Sioux Embedded Systems BV
  • ReviewReview
    Michael van de Ven, Software Technology Specialist, Sioux Embedded Systems BV

    “FEI designs, manufactures, and supports the broadest range of high-performance microscopy workflows that provide images and answers in the micro-, nano-, and picometer scales. For over 5 years we have been working with the first generation of Verum’s model-driven software engineering tools. Their fully integrated design, verification and code generation toolset has delivered major benefits for FEI in terms of finding errors early and delivering better software at a lower cost. We have been involved in the development of the second generation of their tools and we expect that the new modelling language will minimise the overhead we have encountered so far in terms of learning curve and system integration issues.”

    Martijn Kabel, R&D SW Manager, FEI Company
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Major Dezyne upgrade available for download

April 18, 2015

We are pleased to announce that Dezyne release 0.3.0 is available for download and evaluation.

There are many new and improved features in this release, including:

  • Watch Window. The Watch Window allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your models during simulation. It allows you to step through your models, statement by statement, and displays detailed trace information including the value of all state variables.
    Note for (existing) users: If you do not see a window called Watch you should reset (close and re-open) the Simulation perspective.
  • Command line tools. A full set of command line tools is now available on request. These tools provide command line access to the main Dezyne features. Please send us an email and we will provide you with more information.
  • New Target languages. It is now possible to generate C, C++, Python, Java, Javascript, and Goops.
  • Downloadable Runtime. A Runtime view has been added that contains all files that are required to create an executable from generated code.
  • Trace Replay. It is now possible to paste and replay traces from generated code into the simulator. Full integration of this feature will follow the next release.
  • Syntax colouring. You can use the syntax colouring preference panel to specify how Dezyne source is rendered. Each language category may be rendered with its own colour and style.
  • Resolution of a wide range of other issues.

Note that this release is a mandatory upgrade for all Dezyne users as it includes changes to both the client and server side applications.

Dezyne 0.3.0 remains an evaluation version and is provided according to the terms of our evaluation licence. We encourage you to put it to work and provide us with all your feedback.

Good Dezyning!

The Verum Team.

Robert Howe
Want to know more?Robert Howe

Engineering tools for software controlled systems

Verum exists because our team, along with our customers, believes that there’s a better way to build software systems. We mean to provide software engineers with a range of tools that will free their creativity, liberating them from the constraints of conventional development methods and opening up a new, organised and fun way to create sophisticated software controlled systems.

Company Background

Robert Howe founded Verum in 2004 with the belief that there was a better way to develop complex embedded software. Through the application of proven mathematical techniques, Verum has developed unique technology that is at the heart of our new generation of software design tools.


Verum has established reference customers for its technology which include leading companies such as Philips, ASML, FEI and Ericsson (to name a few). Through these projects we have demonstrated that our products deliver a net 30%-50% improvement in productivity and a corresponding decrease in time to market and software defects.

Results such as these have helped Verum’s customers to continue to innovate while driving quality improvements.

Based close to Eindhoven in The Netherlands, Verum maintains close ties with researchers of the Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e) and of Oxford University in the UK.


Verum Software Tools BV
Laan van Diepenvoorde 6, 5582 LA Waalre, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 40 235 9094
Verum Helpdesk
Ladislau PostaVerum Helpdesk
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Become part of our community and get started today

Benefit from the experience and the expertise of our team and other
Dezyne users
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